Eligible Members

Shareholders who may participate in the dividend reinvestment plan (Plan) comprise shareholders:

(a) whose address, as it appears in the register of members of the Company, is situated in Australia; or

(b) whose address, as it appears in the register of members of the Company, is situated outside Australia, and

who have produced to the Company such evidence as the Company may require to satisfy the Company that any necessary approvals of any government or governmental authority in relation to participation in the Plan have been obtained and that such participation is not contrary to any applicable laws of Australia or any other relevant jurisdiction.


Eligible Members may elect to participate in the Plan in respect of all or part of their Shares, which will comprise that member’s Plan Shares. The Directors may in their absolute discretion accept or refuse any application to participate.

Subscription Price

Shares allotted to participants will be allotted at a price per Share determined by the Directors from time to time in accordance with the Corporations Act and the Listing Rules.

Investment of Dividends

In respect of each cash dividend from time to time due and payable to a Shareholder in respect of the member’s Plan Shares, the Directors will on behalf of and in the name of the Shareholder subscribe for Shares being the maximum number of Shares which could be acquired by subscription by the application of that participant’s entitlement to dividends in respect of the Plan Shares to the subscription for Shares at the subscription price.

Ranking of Shares

All Shares allotted and issued under the Plan will rank equally in all respects with existing Shares.

ASX Listing

The Company will make application promptly after each allotment of Shares for quotation of such Shares on the of cial list of the ASX.

Variation or Termination of Participation

A participant may apply to increase or decrease the number of Plan Shares which the Company may in its absolute discretion approve or refuse. A participant may at any time terminate participation in the Plan by notice in writing to the Company.